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 Investment Strategies Atlanta 

Our investment analysis and portfolio management program employs a disciplined process that sophisticated institutional investors have followed for decades in managing their investments.  Realizing the importance of after tax returns we offer tax-managed portfolios for taxable accounts.  We utilize the finest and most reputable institutional money managers in the country.

Our Investment Philosophy 
In today’s financial environment, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the ever-expanding universe of investment choices. For this reason, we rely upon a philosophy that focuses on investor’s objectives. This philosophy is based on five principles: Asset allocation, portfolio structure, tax management, multiple specialist mangers, and continuous portfolio management. These principles all work together to deliver a program that provides you with diversification, coordination, management and personal attention.
Asset Allocation: The First Step is the Most Important
Market timing and stock selection are not the keys to reaching investment goals,  asset allocation is. Deciding how to allocate your money among broad asset classes - stocks, bonds and cash - is the process known as asset allocation. This most important step requires defining objectives and then building the appropriate strategies to support them. The key to asset allocation is diversification among the various asset classes in accordance with the objectives you have established.
Portfolio Structure: An Integral Part of the Investment Process
There are a number of investment choices, including U.S. and foreign fixed income, emerging markets, and alternative investments to name a few. Your portfolio should be diversified across asset classes. Hinton McCurry will make sure your portfolio is diversified across these asset classes as well as within them.
Tax-Management: Do Not Ignore Tax Implications of Investing
Taxes play a crucial role in the investment process. It is important to employ special focus on tax-management to control tax implications within your portfolio and to help enhance after-tax returns. It’s not the money you earn – it’s what you keep. Tax sensitivity is an ongoing requirement; from portfolio structure, to daily monitoring, to manager selection for our clients.

Multiple Specialist Managers: Designed to Deliver More Consistent Performance

Identifying, hiring and managing specialist money managers helps to deliver consistent performance. Money managers who specialize in a particular area of a market have the expertise necessary to perfect a specific investment style. They know where to seek opportunity and how to anticipate favorable and unfavorable changes.

Continuous Portfolio Management and Rebalancing Keeps Investment Progress on Track

Market movements might cause portfolio allocations to “drift” from their original positions as different sectors of the market appreciate or depreciate over time. With such inevitable changes, managers rebalance the asset mix to its target points, helping to reduce risk and keep your strategies on track.

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